Harambe and the 3-year-old boy


This week the Cincinnati Zoo had to make a quick decision to  shoot an endangered species gorilla affectionately known as Harambe. He is important because he is a rare gorilla called a silverback, so this is the reason for the public outcry. During a normal day at the zoo a mother was visiting with her son and had no idea that her little boy was going to try to take a closer look into the gorilla exhibit, but he did.

According to reports from CNN and other news sites,the boy fell through an enclosure after climbing to make his way into the gorilla’s area. With the crowd looking on, and their cries growing louder in utter shock of what they were witnessing, the gorilla looks and see’s the boy.  Moments later according to what you can see on video posts, the gorilla drags the boy through the moat, he at one points stands the boy up to get a better look at him.

In some opinions this was act of kindness from the gorilla and not a malicious intent. In  any case a child’s life was at stake as his mother and others were looking on. So now the question is who was at fault, the zoo,the parents? Many animal lovers are questioning if the animal had to be shot and killed instead of tranquilized. Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard says the decision was made to protect the boy as quickly as possible.

“A child’s life was in danger;” he said. “This is a dangerous animal.” Basically if they wouldn’t have chosen this method their was a strong possibility that the child could have been severely hurt or killed. Thankfully the boy had only minor injuries and was released from the hospital and is safely at home.


Parents set to face charges in the Charlie Bothuell Case


As promised an update to the case of Charlie Bothuell. As background Bothuell a 12-year-old boy who was said to be missing by his father and stepmother was later found in the families home after an almost two week search. The mystery in this case has been raised since almost day one of the initial search, after cadaver dogs searched the home of the family and turned up nothing. Allegedly Bothuell said that he was in the basement during the searches and that his stepmother said,”Not to come out, no matter what he hears”. Now authorities think that his family were involved and have also decided to take their other children away during the investigation.There have also been other accusations in regards to child abuse and that’s another reason why authorities have taken custody away. This is a sad day in the eyes of many Detroit citizens, tax payer dollars once again wasted on a child who was never missing. According to newspapers in the area, Bothuell is safe and staying in the custody of his maternal mother. One can only hope that this case gets solved quickly and that justice will be served. If there are any major updates to the case I will do my best to inform you.

Missing 12-year-old boy found


The search is now off for a missing 12 year-old from Detroit, MI. The young man named Charlie Bothuell was found safe and sound in his own home after an 11 day search. As background to this story the Detroit police were told by the parent that they boy went missing from his home after an argument with his step-mother but other reports suggest that he was upset with his father after he told him to complete some chores. Regardless of how it all began, I am happy to report that he is alive and safely in the custody of child protective services. As far as how he was found is another issue for me, he was found in his own basement and was barricaded inside. This to me is a major red flag, how did police miss this and how could the parents not be aware that he was down there for all that time? According to reports from the local news,the house had been searched before by FBI agents with cadaver dogs. How was his scent missed is the question everyone is asking, did he look malnutrition and where is his step-mother. From the looks of things the investigation has just begun because there are too many unanswered questions. As more information develops I will keep you posted on what happens, we are losing too many of our youth to not keep tabs on the outcome. Image

Boot Camp!


This video features some footage from JC Jones ” Boot Camp”. This is a reminder to all… So lets get off  the couch and let’s get fit!

Thomas L. Friedman Lecture


Oakland University welcomed Thomas L. Friedman to its campus on Monday night to speak about his book entitled Hot, Flat and crowded.

Instead he gave two lectures consisting of his coverage of the Egyptian up rising, and then he spoke a little about the book.

Friedman is a New York Times columnists, who has also won three Pulitzer prizes. He is respected by many; Vanity Fair calls him “the best news columnist”.

During the lecture he talked about the revolution not just staying in Egypt and basically said we haven’t seen anything yet because the uprising was not over.

 “Egypt is not Las Vegas, what happens there won’t stay there”, said Friedman.

According to Friedman forty percent of the women in Egypt don’t know how to read and the country has had enough of those days when they become tricked out of their education and into poverty.

 He went on to say that it would be hard for Egypt to become a democracy, because of its history.

“The problem is where democracy starts, and where tribalism stops”, said Friedman.

Regarding his book he went on to say how global warming is real and that if we didn’t take things seriously and start working on this energy plan we were all going to be sorry.

 The world was not designed for this many people he stated, that mother nature would have to do what she had to in order to keep this world from falling apart and we should too.


  If you would like more information on how to purchase Friedman’s book please visit http://www.barnesandnobles.com . If you would like to help fellow Americans make the change to renewable energy please visit USA.gov and find your congressman or congresswomen and let them know you care.

Too much to do, in so little time.


Have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough time to complete a task? Have you ever wondered if you completed the task what good would it be?

I have this feeling most often, it feels like I NEVER have time for things outside of class and work anymore. Yes these things are whats most important, but I wonder at times if all of my hard work will pay off.

Truth is I really hope so, but I just don’t know anymore. I am beginning to loose all motivation to stay in the game and not throw in the towel, but it is so… hard. What do you do when everything seems to be slipping away?

I try to pray about these things and I ask God to guide my foot steps in the right direction. I also try going shopping, its funny because I end up seeing things I want and can’t afford to purchase.

I guess I just have to keep telling myself, that one day this will all be worth it! To those of you who feel like me, don’t give up on yourself.

keep pushing yourself to finish what you start, and make sometime for yourself every now and then.