Harambe and the 3-year-old boy


This week the Cincinnati Zoo had to make a quick decision to  shoot an endangered species gorilla affectionately known as Harambe. He is important because he is a rare gorilla called a silverback, so this is the reason for the public outcry. During a normal day at the zoo a mother was visiting with her son and had no idea that her little boy was going to try to take a closer look into the gorilla exhibit, but he did.

According to reports from CNN and other news sites,the boy fell through an enclosure after climbing to make his way into the gorilla’s area. With the crowd looking on, and their cries growing louder in utter shock of what they were witnessing, the gorilla looks and see’s the boy.  Moments later according to what you can see on video posts, the gorilla drags the boy through the moat, he at one points stands the boy up to get a better look at him.

In some opinions this was act of kindness from the gorilla and not a malicious intent. In  any case a child’s life was at stake as his mother and others were looking on. So now the question is who was at fault, the zoo,the parents? Many animal lovers are questioning if the animal had to be shot and killed instead of tranquilized. Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard says the decision was made to protect the boy as quickly as possible.

“A child’s life was in danger;” he said. “This is a dangerous animal.” Basically if they wouldn’t have chosen this method their was a strong possibility that the child could have been severely hurt or killed. Thankfully the boy had only minor injuries and was released from the hospital and is safely at home.


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