Parents set to face charges in the Charlie Bothuell Case


As promised an update to the case of Charlie Bothuell. As background Bothuell a 12-year-old boy who was said to be missing by his father and stepmother was later found in the families home after an almost two week search. The mystery in this case has been raised since almost day one of the initial search, after cadaver dogs searched the home of the family and turned up nothing. Allegedly Bothuell said that he was in the basement during the searches and that his stepmother said,”Not to come out, no matter what he hears”. Now authorities think that his family were involved and have also decided to take their other children away during the investigation.There have also been other accusations in regards to child abuse and that’s another reason why authorities have taken custody away. This is a sad day in the eyes of many Detroit citizens, tax payer dollars once again wasted on a child who was never missing. According to newspapers in the area, Bothuell is safe and staying in the custody of his maternal mother. One can only hope that this case gets solved quickly and that justice will be served. If there are any major updates to the case I will do my best to inform you.


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