Missing 12-year-old boy found


The search is now off for a missing 12 year-old from Detroit, MI. The young man named Charlie Bothuell was found safe and sound in his own home after an 11 day search. As background to this story the Detroit police were told by the parent that they boy went missing from his home after an argument with his step-mother but other reports suggest that he was upset with his father after he told him to complete some chores. Regardless of how it all began, I am happy to report that he is alive and safely in the custody of child protective services. As far as how he was found is another issue for me, he was found in his own basement and was barricaded inside. This to me is a major red flag, how did police miss this and how could the parents not be aware that he was down there for all that time? According to reports from the local news,the house had been searched before by FBI agents with cadaver dogs. How was his scent missed is the question everyone is asking, did he look malnutrition and where is his step-mother. From the looks of things the investigation has just begun because there are too many unanswered questions. As more information develops I will keep you posted on what happens, we are losing too many of our youth to not keep tabs on the outcome. Image


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