Thomas L. Friedman Lecture


Oakland University welcomed Thomas L. Friedman to its campus on Monday night to speak about his book entitled Hot, Flat and crowded.

Instead he gave two lectures consisting of his coverage of the Egyptian up rising, and then he spoke a little about the book.

Friedman is a New York Times columnists, who has also won three Pulitzer prizes. He is respected by many; Vanity Fair calls him “the best news columnist”.

During the lecture he talked about the revolution not just staying in Egypt and basically said we haven’t seen anything yet because the uprising was not over.

 “Egypt is not Las Vegas, what happens there won’t stay there”, said Friedman.

According to Friedman forty percent of the women in Egypt don’t know how to read and the country has had enough of those days when they become tricked out of their education and into poverty.

 He went on to say that it would be hard for Egypt to become a democracy, because of its history.

“The problem is where democracy starts, and where tribalism stops”, said Friedman.

Regarding his book he went on to say how global warming is real and that if we didn’t take things seriously and start working on this energy plan we were all going to be sorry.

 The world was not designed for this many people he stated, that mother nature would have to do what she had to in order to keep this world from falling apart and we should too.


  If you would like more information on how to purchase Friedman’s book please visit . If you would like to help fellow Americans make the change to renewable energy please visit and find your congressman or congresswomen and let them know you care.


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