Too much to do, in so little time.


Have you ever felt like you didn’t have enough time to complete a task? Have you ever wondered if you completed the task what good would it be?

I have this feeling most often, it feels like I NEVER have time for things outside of class and work anymore. Yes these things are whats most important, but I wonder at times if all of my hard work will pay off.

Truth is I really hope so, but I just don’t know anymore. I am beginning to loose all motivation to stay in the game and not throw in the towel, but it is so… hard. What do you do when everything seems to be slipping away?

I try to pray about these things and I ask God to guide my foot steps in the right direction. I also try going shopping, its funny because I end up seeing things I want and can’t afford to purchase.

I guess I just have to keep telling myself, that one day this will all be worth it! To those of you who feel like me, don’t give up on yourself.

keep pushing yourself to finish what you start, and make sometime for yourself every now and then.


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