Gas Prices #3


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Now that there is a snow storm coming our way the price of gas will have went up in price at the two gas stations I have been writing on. The above link explains when disaster or outages occur the consumer gets passed the bill of transportation and taxes etc. Although this is a good explanation to why the prices go up and down constantly, it still doesn’t explain why the state of Michigan is paying more for gas than most places. Hasn’t Michigan residents paid enough? Exxon mobile and BP made record profits last year and the year before. Last year BP had an oil explosion and vowed on their commercials to pay for the clean up of New Orleans, that promise they kept. They gave up over 2-Billion dollars,according to but made almost every penny back. If they wanted to bring gas prices down to 2.25 per gallon the gas station attendants and the oil companies would all still get a nice chunk of the pie. The most important thing we as consumers must keep in mind is that without us there would be no them. We keep them making record profits, we may not have all the power but we hold most of it. Realize the potential you have and make use of it!


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