Gas Prices in the city #2


This is what we are slowly coming back to!

vroom… vroom… gas prices from Detroit to the suburbs are all I hear people talking about, at least that’s what I heard one year ago.

Most people just don’t talk about gas prices or the “pain at the pump” like they used to. Not sure if its lack of care or they feel as if being angry won’t make a differences in the prices. Well I sure found out on Sunday morning when I took it to the streets and went to two different gas stations within a five-mile radius. I asked consumers how they felt about these prices and why do they continue to fill up when prices don’t seem to be going down. I spoke with a total of five people and out of five people there was only one person who didn’t care about the gas prices going up or down. Dauan claims that he will pay whatever the price is because his bottom line was that he still had to get from point A to point B. Although his points were valid the other four people I talked to said that yes they too had to get from point A to B, but the differences was that if we continue to shut up and not say anything the prices will continue to skyrocket as a sign that we as consumers don’t care and will be willing to pay anything for gas. The prospective of the four people I interviewed was a great one to have, it shows that you can’t continue to go with the flow in hopes of change. Change will only happen when people get off their butts and do something about the given situation,  one way to limit gas consumption is to not buy as much gas and instead of driving to work or school car pool or make all your errands in one trip.

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