Gas Prices In The City!


Why is it that every time consumers turn around gas prices are being hiked up? Why is it that they continue to buy from these stations? Also have you ever wondered why prices are higher on one side of town vs. the other.

On the east side of Detroit near Gratiot and 8 mile the gas stations are priced from 2.99 to 3.02 per gallon. If you drive about twenty-five minutes to the west side of 8 mile near telegraph road, you’ll find gas prices are slightly higher from 3.05 to 3.12 per gallon. According to AAA  the national average for gas is a little over 3.10 per gallon for regular grade gas, and last year that rate was about 2.69 per gallon. It is ridiculous to see how much gas prices have gone up and in my opinion it is even worse to know that some gas stations are creating their own prices for profit and charging over the national average. On the other hand it is nice to know that some are trying to help by lowering their prices for the consumer, but the question is why go back and forth? I spoke with a local gas station attendant near Gratiot and 8 mile on the east side of Detroit named Hassan. Of course when asked why his prices went from high to low within two days he tried to avoid the question, but then when I kept asking he finally said, based on prices per barrel and based on whether a consumer uses cash or credit was a factor to his pricing. Can you believe that they charge you more money for using your debit/credit card! They claim it’s because the gas station gets a surcharge for processing so they pass that surcharge to the consumer. As I stood at the gas station debating what to ask consumers as they entered and exited the gas station, I realized after five minutes just how many people were ready and willing to purchased gas  at the given prices. It was as if  the attendant at the gas station was giving free gas away when it was the exact opposite. Yet people looked as if they had no problem with paying for this over priced gas, or did they? Well I didn’t even bother to ask, some looked unapproachable so better luck tommorrow, its gonna be Sunday and most church going folk will be willing and happy to talk.


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