Black Hair Industry

Songstress Ciara rocking what looks to be a lace front wig

For years I have been trying to figure out why there is so much money in the black hair industry. So many celebrities that I look up to such as Beyoncé, Ciara and even Mary J. Blige all rock the weave. I have nothing against any person black or white who likes to add some volume or length to their crown, but I do have a problem with us “blacks” spending our last  to look like these celebrities. For this reason the black hair industry is making billions per year off our constant committment to look good. As a African-American myself I understand why we do what we do in terms of buying the hair, but what I can’t understand is how we are being shut out of making a profit from the hair. I feel that we should own stock, I mean we buy the hair,  we style the hair so why not own a part of the industry? When I go into beauty supply stores all I see is another race of people in charge. You would think that at least the beauty supplies in the hood would be owned by our own kind. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t buy hair or not to wear a weave, do what you please, but I am saying invest into this business. At the rate that this industry is growing if we all owned a piece of the pie our kids, kids would never have to worry about anything. I know I plan on owning my own hair salon one day and getting my own little piece of the pie. Take the time to do your research on this subject I guarantee that you will find plenty of information that supports everything that was written here. Its time to wake up and understand that we can no longer just spend our money on our products and not get some type of profit in return, I refuse to look the other way while others rack in the money from our hair industry. Everyone may not agree with what I am saying but you must agree that we as blacks according to the movie” good hair” ,spend the most when it comes to weaves and extensions. The black hair industry is full of opportunities and as we all can see there is money to be made. My hope is that one day those of you who wear the product also invest in the product!


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